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Baby Feeding Accessories
Green BallCOMFORT™ Silicone Baby Bottle Nipple
No. 2 hole, fits all standard 120ml and 250ml baby bottles (12602).
Green BallCOMFORT™ Teether/Soother Pacifier
Liquid filled, without temperature sensitive dot, same one-piece vinyl pacifier as for Pacifier Plus, orthodontic style, in clear (12501), amber (12502), strong pink (12503) or strong blue (12504) colors.
Green BallCOMFORT™ Regular Vinyl Soother/Pacifier
Same pacifier design as above, without dot or liquid filling, standard and orthodontic styles, in clear (12510), amber (12511), strong pink (12512) or strong blue (12513) colors. In standard (round nipple), in clear (12514).
Green BallCOMFORT™ Regular Natural Rubber Soother/Pacifier
Nipples in 3 sizes, mini (newborn) (12550), standard (12551) and orthodontic (12552), polycarbonate shield and ring in assorted, vibrant colors.
Green BallCOMFORT™ Anti-colic, Angled Baby Feeding Bottle
250ml/8 oz. capacity, easy-grip, in opaque poly-propylene plastic, with silicone nipple (12341).
Green BallCOMFORT™ Decorated Baby Feeding Bottle
120ml (12350) or 250ml (12351) capacity, in clear polycarbonate plastic, attractively decorated with colorful animal cartoons, natural rubber nipple.
Green BallCOMFORT™ Manual Breast Pump
Dual polycarbonate cylinders, outer cylinder functions as baby bottle, inner 90ml cylinder with seal functions as piston, includes silicone nipple, protective cap and one extra cylinder seal (12360).

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