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Babytech International LogospacerBaby Fever
Baby Fever Thermometer Traditional glass thermometer in sturdy plastic protective case.

Green Ball Reliable and easy to use
Green Ball Triangular safety grip

Directions for use:
Green Ball Hold clean thermometer with mercury bulb down. Shake downward and snap wrist. Repeat until mercury registers 96°F (35°C) or below.
Green Ball Lubricate bulb end with a water-soluble jelly. Gently insert the thermometer no more than 1/2" (12mm) into the rectum and keep inserted for 3-4 minutes.
Green Ball To read, look for the mercury level directly between the scale and the numbers. Rotate thermometer slightly or hold it up to the light until the mercury level on the scale can be seen.

Recommended care:
     Clean before and after each use in cold, soapy water. Disinfect with rubbing alcohol or antiseptic solution and then rinse thoroughly in cold water. Do not wash in warm or hot water or expose to direct sunlight or heat.

     Do not wash in warm or hot water or expose to direct sunlight or heat. This affects the thermometer's accuracy and may cause the bulb to break. The small quantity of elemental mercury contained in a thermometer is by itself not a health threat. If the thermometer breaks during use, contact doctor immediately. If the thermometer breaks when not in use, dispose of it in accordance with state hazardous waste disposal regulations or laws. Do not use an oral thermometer to take a rectal temperature.

Certificate of Accuracy:
     This clinical thermometer is certified to be accurate through-out its entire range and meets all the requirements of ASTM E667, the standard published by the American Society for Testing Materials.

Made in USAspacer

spacerUS MARKETspacerEXPORTspacerBar Codes:
Case Pack:24 units1,200 unitsBarcode 16912-13121
Barcode 16912-13122
Inner Packs:2 x 6 units100 units
Case Weight:1.7 lbs54 lbs
Case Size:4 1/2L x 7 1/4W
x 2 3/4 inches
25L x 25W
x 31H inches
Case Cube:0.0511.21
Product Codes:13121 (Fahrenheit)
13122 (Celsius)
13121 (Fahrenheit)
13122 (Celsius)
UPC Codes:16912-13121 (F)
16912-13122 (C)
16912-13121 (F)
16912-13122 (C)

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