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Babytech International LogospacerForehead Fever
Forehead Fever Thermometer Provides an accurate, safe, and convenient method of temperature measuring for the entire family. Clinically proven - used by doctors and hospitals worldwide.

Green Ball Especially suitable for children
Green Ball Fast reading - temperature shows in about 15 seconds
Green Ball Reusable, 100's of times

Directions for use:
Green Ball Hold the Forehead Thermometer strip at each end and place firmly against dry forehead just above the eyebrows. Hold in place until the colors stop changing in about 15 seconds.
Green Ball Read the Forehead Thermometer while still held against the forehead. If alone, use a mirror to read the reversed lower scale.
Green Ball Green color indicates the correct temperature. If green does not appear, the temperature is mid-way between that indicated by the tan and blue colors.
Green Ball Forehead temperatures are lower than oral temperatures by normal differences of 3.8° to 6°F (2.1° to 3.3°C). The readings on the Forehead Thermometer have been adjusted to approximate the differences between forehead and oral temperatures. For a more exact reading, use a digital or glass thermometer.

For best results:
Green Ball Use indoors at room temperature between 68-86°F (20-30°C). Do not use after sun bathing or exposure to extreme heat or cold.
Green Ball Wait 30 minutes after eating, drinking or exercising before taking temperature. For most accurate reading, a rest of at least 5 minutes prior to taking temperature is recommended.
Green Ball After use, the Forehead Thermometer should be cleaned with a soft cloth and stored in its protective case, away from direct sunlight, dampness, or heat.

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spacerUS MARKETspacerEXPORTspacerBar Codes:
Case Pack:24 units1,200 unitsBarcode 16912-13101
Barcode 16912-13102
Inner Packs:2 x 6 units100 units
Case Weight:1.7 lbs54 lbs
Case Size:4 1/2L x 7 1/4W
x 2 3/4 inches
25L x 25W
x 31H inches
Case Cube:0.0511.21
Product Codes:13101 (Fahrenheit)
13102 (Celsius)
13101 (Fahrenheit)
13102 (Celsius)
UPC Codes:16912-13101 (F)
16912-13102 (C)
16912-13101 (F)
16912-13102 (C)

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