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With 3-level Temperature Indicator
3-level Temperature Indicator Alerts you when your baby has a fever. Contains a color change disc which shows 98°F(37°C) (no fever, shows "98" ("37")),100°F/37.8°C (slight fever, shows "00" ("38")) or 102°F (39°C)(moderate fever, shows "02"("39")(±0.5°F/0.3°C).

A GREEN number shows the temperature as per the number visible. A BLUE number shows a temperature of 1°F above the number visible. A TAN number shows a temperature of 1°F below the number visible. If two numbers are visible, the correct temperature is in between.

Green Ball Monitors oral temperature continuously.
Green Ball An everyday, regular pacifier.
Green Ball All ingredients are food grade.
Green Ball Soother/pacifier with orthodontic nipple in silicone.

Directions for use:
Green Ball Use Pacifier Plus® with 3-level Temperature Indicator like any regular pacifier.
Green Ball Approximately 3 minutes of use is required for a complete temperature reading. After the elapsed time, remove pacifier from baby's mouth and examine the indicator disc in the nipple part.
Green Ball If the reading is 100°F (37.8°C) or higher, a fever is present and the exact temperature should be measured with our Pacifier Plus® Pacifier Thermometer or a rectal thermometer.
Green Ball Drinking hot or cold fluids immediately before use may affect reading.
Green Ball Pacifier Plus® with 3-level Temperature Indicator is a monitor of oral temperature only.
Green Ball Oral temperature may vary from rectal temperature by 1.0°F (0.6°C) or more. If feverish condition persists, notify physician.

Recommended care:
     Before first use, wash new pacifier in hot, soapy water. Rinse in cool water. For routine cleaning, wash in warm, soapy water. Store at room temperature (65°F-90°F/ 18°C-32°C) and out of direct sunlight. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

Conforms to the US.Consumer Product Safety Commission Requirements for Pacifiers 16CFR Part 1511.

 spacerUS MARKETspacerEXPORTspacerBar Codes: 
Case Pack:24 units800 unitsBarcode 16912-12401
Barcode 16912-12402
Inner Packs:2 x 6 units100 units
Case Weight:1.5 lbs46 lbs
Case Size:7 1/2L x 7 1/4W
x 10 3/4 inches
25L x 25W
x 31H inches
Case Cube:0.3511.21
Product Codes:12401 (Fahrenheit)
12402 (Celsius)
12401 (Fahrenheit)
12402 (Celsius)
UPC Codes:16912-12401 (F)
16912-12402 (C)
16912-12401 (F)
16912-12402 (C)
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